Prenatal Care

Chiropractic and the expecting mother

Your first appointment will be approximately 40 minutes, which will include a consult, exam, and treatment. All appointments after the first are 20 minutes long, and will be focused on spinal and soft tissue care. Our clinic provides the utmost professional prenatal chiropractic care in Denver, CO. Our tables can be modified to accommodate the pregnant belly all the way up to the due date. We are well experienced with providing chiropractic adjustments and soft tissue therapy for pregnancy-related pains and to optimize health and whole-body wellness throughout your pregnancy.


Although there are numerous and varied pains that can arise throughout your pregnancy, some of the most common complaints originate from the low back, hips, and sacroiliac (SI) joints.  As Mom’s body adapts to the growing baby inside her, added pressure is exerted onto these joints.  To accommodate for this, the pregnant body excretes an increase of hormones estrogen and relaxin, both of which have ligament-loosening effects (also referred to as ligamentous laxity).  This effect is most greatly appreciated during labor but has a profound influence on the static and dynamic structure of the spine, ligaments, and muscles throughout her pregnancy.  Having regular chiropractic care from as early on as possible can help Mom to better adapt to these changes and prevent major pregnancy-related pain and discomfort.  These hormones continue to be present for two weeks after birth, therefore being evaluated and treated within that time period maximizes optimal, pre-birthing alignment before the ligaments tighten back up.  This helps mom get back on her feet and feeling better sooner.

Other frequent problems that require prenatal chiropractic care in Denver are: pubic symphysis pain, upper and mid back pain, neck pain, and numbness and tingling, especially into the hands and feet.  Utilizing chiropractic adjustments can help evenly redistribute the forces through your body and take unnecessary pressure off the joints.  This, in combination with myofascial release techniques that target tightened connective tissue (fascia) and tender, tense muscles helps Mom feel her best throughout her pregnancy.

I am certified in Webster, a technique that helps to optimize pelvic biomechanical balance and restore optimal nerve innervation to all of the pelvic structures.  The goal is to create the best possible environment for both Mom and baby from conception through birth.

If you have any questions about the prenatal chiropractic care in Denver that we provide, please call our Denver chiropractic clinic at 303-455-2225.