Eating Organic on a Budget

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Eating Organic on a Budget

It’s unfortunate that trying to supply your body with the most nutritious and non-toxic foods available can put a serious dent in your funds.  So if some corners need to be cut, here is how to sort through what produce you can afford (both financially and health-wise) to buy organically or not.

The Dirty Dozen and The Clean Fifteen




The Dirty Dozen

Produce that should be purchased organically:

1. apples
2. celery
3. cherry tomatoes
4. cucumber
5. grapes
6. hot peppers
7. nectarines
8. peaches
9. potatoes
10. spinach
11. strawberries
12. sweet bell peppers

(plus collards, kale, summer squash & zucchini)


The Clean Fifteen

Produce that is safer to purchase conventionally:

1. asparagus
2. avocado
3. cabbage
4. cantaloupe
5. corn
6. eggplant
7. grapefruit
8. kiwi
9. mangoes
10. mushrooms
11. onions
12. papayas
13. pineapples
14. sweet peas (frozen)
15. sweet potatoes