Importance Of Nutrition

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Importance Of Nutrition

We live in a time where the quality of our external and internal environment has been jeopardized.  On the outside, we have diminished soil content so that it’s either polluted, or at best, low in the essential minerals our produce needs to have in order to be of benefit to our bodies.  Drinking water has a number of chemical additives and air pollution is at an all-time high.

On the inside, we struggle to maintain an optimally functioning bodily system because there just aren’t enough hours in the day to do all we need to and also take care of ourselves.  Long hours at work or in our cars leads to poor biomechanics resulting in sustained postural insults.  A lack of time to go to the store or prepare meals leads to fast or pre-made meals, of which we do not know all the ingredients or where that food came from.  And a long history of over-prescribed antibiotic use has left our guts lacking in the critical bacterial flora we need to have a functioning immune system and to fight chronic inflammation.

We are largely a product of our environment, and although it is difficult to combat the abuses from the environment that surrounds us, we fully have the power to support and strengthen our internal environment, and that choice starts with you.

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